Pieter in Macabebe

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Last month, Pieter was in Macabebe in preparation of the construction of the pilot project. In the municipality of Macabebe, the consequences of land subsidence are clearly visible. Many inhabitants are heightening the ground level in and around the house to ensure that they are somewhat protected against the floods. The demand for new homes is enormous in Macabebe, although there are hardly any locations available on land to build new homes. The is, however, an abundance of empty fish ponds: the ideal village for the first Finch Floating Home!

Through good cooperation with the municipal administration, a suitable location has been designated where the first home will float. There are various families among the local population who have shown interest to inhabit the pilot home. Moreover, in collaboration with local construction parties, plans have been made to produce the first floating home. A suitable location has been found where the prefabrication of different components will take place. After the prefabrication, all building components can be put together at the pilot location. In short, Macabebe is ready!