Our mission

Our mission is to enable affordable and safe housing for people who are suffering most directly from floods.

  • 2025

    built homes for 1000 families

  • 2024

    built homes for 250 families

  • 2023

    constructing 1st floating community

  • 2022

    preparing the construction of the 1st floating community

  • 2019-2021

    testing the pilot home

  • 2018

    construction of the pilot home

  • 2017

    crowdfund campaign

  • 2017

    founding Finch Floating Homes

Our team

Pieter Ham

Pieter is co-founder of Finch Floating Homes, who is currently finalizing his PhD research on the floating homes at TU Delft.

Joran van Schaik

Joran is co-founder of Finch Floating Homes, and has a background in civil engineering, and has lots of experiences in fast-paced startup environments

Petra Heijmans

Petra has years of experience as an office manager and assists the team in word and deed.

Jurrian Knijtijzer

Jurrian is co-founder of Finch Floating Homes, an experienced architect and founder of Finch Buildings, partner of Finch Floating Homes.

Jesse Luttik

Jesse is involved with the business side and has a background in sustainable development.

Tika Meijer y Bodisco Massink

Tika is our community manager and has a background in adaptive and international water management.

Our partners


Development bank Philippines


Municipality of Macabebe

Hagonoy (BU)

Municipality of Hagonoy