Our Solution

Floating Communities

With the implementation of floating communities people can live safely and comfortably on the water instead of in the water.

Furthermore, it is the solution for the shortage of available space for new housing in the overpopulated floodplains. Floating homes free up and transform areas that were previously inaccessible for safe living

the Community

Our floating neighbourhood-designs are in line with the needs of the local inhabitants. The neighbourhood connects to existing infrastructure and social networks, and is accessible for all inhabitants. It offers space to live, work and gather in a safe, comfortable and sustainable way.

the Homes

Based on our field researches in the Manila Bay, the Philippines, we have designed the Finch Floating Home. Using a barrel-floating foundation and prefabricated design, the home is designed based on the common housing wishes of a Philippine family. We focus on combining the qualities of healthy and sustainable design with the use of local materials and local prefabrication. The homes are built locally in a factory and assembled on location. This guarantees the quality of the homes and allows for rapid upscaling.

With our Philippine partners and TU Delft, we have built and tested the first pilot home.


Pilot project in the Manila Bay, Philippines

with TU Delft

with local contractor

by local families